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What is Herd Navigator? What benefits do I get? Which skills do I need and who will provide advice? Where can I buy it and who will be servicing? Which milk parameters are analysed? How can I manage reproduction? How can I manage udder health and feeding?

What is Lattec?

Lattec I/S is a 50/50 Joint Venture owned by FOSS & DeLaval and is dedicated to develop and deliver proactive on-farm management systems based on milk analysis.

Lattec was established in May 2001 and has today 30 employees with office in Hillerød, Denmark.
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Herd Navigator – is this something about navigating in the herd?

Herd Navigator provides the farmer with an advanced management tool to ”navigate” in large herds and to pinpoint cows in need of special attention (e.g. separation for insemination, treatment of mastitis or ketosis, need for special feeding or visit from the veterinarian).

An early warning of potential attention cows pops up directly on the PC screen.

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