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Ketosis – get the feed-energy balance right

Clinical cases of ketosis can cost up to 320 euros a year. Although your herd may have only one or two cases a year, do you know how many subclinical cases your herd has? And do you know what this costs in lost production?

Subclinical ketosis usually undetected

Subclinical ketosis is caused by a negative energy balance shortly before and during the first weeks of lactation. Normally subclinical ketosis remains undetected. Yet it can create serious problems in many herds, with negative effects on milk yield and animal health. Research shows that it can cost as much as 90 euros per cow and year.

Herd Navigator monitors the right cows automatically

Herd Navigator will automatically monitor your herd – the right cows at the right time. The indicator used is BHB, beta hydroxybutyrate. This metabolite is involved in mobilizing energy from body adipose tissue when there is a negative energy balance.

Read an interview from the Dutch veterinarian Nico Vreeburg 

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