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Mastitis is ranked second after infertility as a main reason for culling cows. Each case of clinical mastitis can cost up to EUR 630.

Herd Navigator detects mastitis before it is visible

But perhaps more important, each undetected subclinical case may cost up to EUR 240 in milk losses. Herd Navigator automatically measures lactate dehydrogenase (LDH) in milk. The enzyme LDH is highly correlated to somatic cell counts and so closely linked to the presence of mastitis. Since levels of LDH rise rapidly when an infection starts, by measuring this enzyme with Herd Navigator you can find an infection several days before it becomes clearly visible.

Detects 80% of mastitis before it is visible

And Herd Navigator is accurate, detecting 80% of cows with mastitis at an early stage. Because this reduces serious cases of mastitis, you can save on expensive medication and antibiotics.

Automatic monitoring

With automatic monitoring and analysis, samples are taken from the right cows during specific risk periods, identifying which cows need to be checked or treated. This lets you take proactive action – before severe mastitis develops.

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